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Trail No.9 The Bird Watching Trail  - KS

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Positioning – mountain

  • Shar Mountain / central - south region

Starting point 

  • Limth camping site 

Description of the trail

This trail is not for the long and high trip, but it is more a destination for the nature lovers like bird observation and short distance hikers. The altitude of the starting point is 1400 m. The trail starts from the forest and the elevation continuously decreases until the finishing point. Mid stage of the trail is open view with the best meadows of the area especially during the spring, with the various flower scents. By having light hike you may see different colors of the flowers and butterflies among the birds, around and along the trail. The last part of this short but beautiful and diverse trail, ends up at the local park with black pine trees at the center of the village near the mosque (xhamia) Mehmet Kukliu. On the way, the visitors can see perfect flora and fauna including birds and roe deer. The bird watching is best during the spring and summer when the birds’ activities are very present in the area.


Technical and touristic data:


Altitude at the start point

  • 1400 m / asl

Highest point

  • 1400 m / asl

Altitude difference

  • 260 m

Altitude at the end point

  • 1140 m / asl

Trail duration

  • 2 - 3 hours 

Trail length

  • 5 km 

Trail difficulty

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Required level of physical fitness

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Panoramas and landscapes:

The trail has a panoramic view to the west side of the Opoja valley on Dragash Mountain on the way to the Mountain Korritnik, and it goes through central south Sharri Region at the mid section of the Sharri Range and at the cross border area south from Prizren, Kosovo.


Access to the start point:

  • Prizren  - 22 km, Dragash - 22 km, Prishtina airport 95 km 
  • Starting point has parking spaces for vehicles. 


Access to the end point: 

  • Prishtina 9.6 km, Tirana 184 km


Places of tourism interest:

  • Limth picnic area
  • Bresane Black Pine Forest
  • Bresane Village

Accommodation and food 

    • Camping site Limth


  • Shar Mountain Hut


    • Stanet e struzhës Gurri i Zi 
    • Hotel Meka, Dragash 
    • Hotel Edi – Imperial, Prizren


  • Hotel Centrum, Prizren
  • Jasika - Lokvice


Public transport: 

  • Local transport to Prizren – Zapluzhe 08, 09, 13 h RT, 07:30, 08, 10, 13, 16 hours
  • Bresane – Prizren every second hour
  • Prizren to Bresane at 08 and 10 o’clock


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