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Trail No.2 The lynx traill - KS

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Positioning - mountain

  • Shar Mountain / central region

Starting point  

  • Ski center Brezovica, near ski lift no. 9

 Description of the trail

The trail starts from ski center Brezovica near ski lift no. 9 and continues on the ski slopes, goes towards the direction of Zubin Potok Durlovit and then continues southwest towards the glacial lake Jazince. Following the lake, the trail continues down to the area of the eggs and ends in the hut in the forest on the road R115 Brezovica - Prizren.

Technical and touristic data:


Starting point altitude

  • 1748 m/asl

Highest point

  • 2170 m/asl

Destination altitude

  • 1385 m/asl

Height difference

  • 1463 m

Duration of the tour

  • 6 hours 

Length of the tour

  • 8 km 

Trail difficulty

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Required level of physical fitness

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Panoramas and landscapes:  

  • The initial point of the trail is at the ski center Brezovica, northeast face of the mountain. The landscape is rocky and mixed with meadows to rocky glaciers, and from forest to wetland, rivers and lakes.

Access to the start point:

  • From Prishtina to the starting point of the trail there are 83km car driving, while from Prizren there are 46 km and from Skopje 71 km. The starting point has parking spaces for buses, vehicles and vans. 

Access to the end point: 

  • To access the end point of the trail you can use the regional road from Brezovica village to Prizren. It is located on 10th km from Brezovica to Prizren and on 5th km from Prevalla Recreation Center.

Places of tourism interest:

The most interesting parts are the ski resorts during the winter and the peaks. The lake and the area are one of the wildest and most ecological areas of the country with a mix of forest and medical herbs and wild berry of Sharr Mountain.

  • Ski resort Brezovica
  • Crna cuka Hill – panoramic view
  • Hunters Hut
  • Jazinacko Lake
  • Foresters Hut-picnic area


Accommodation and food 

  • Strpce kod lipe, Ski center Brezovica Stojkova kuca, Molika, Woodland, Mountain cabins and hotels 
  • Prevalac recreation center offers many private villas in Prizren area.
  • Recommended to engage guide for groups


Public transport: 

  • There is a limited public transport, from Prizren to Brezovica village (it is not very well organized). There is private transport, taxi. For more info it is best to contact the Tourist Info Center in Prizren.



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