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Points of interest
Trail No.6 The Spring Trail - KS


Location: Shar Mountain

Altitude: Prevalla 1765 m/asl

Access to the place: Prizren - Brezovica Road from R-115 regional road 28 km, Spring trail from Prevalla 30 min.

Description: This point of interest is situated above tourist village of Prevalla. The point includes a Shepherd Mountain Hut which during the summer season is used as a station by shepherds where they also produce traditional Shar Cheese in a traditional way. The point also provides a good opportunity for viewing closely this process but also to understand more about overall shepherds’ tradition of this zone. Close to the hut, there are also water sources which is drinkable water and close to this positions there is a very nice panoramic view. 

GPS: N 42° 09’ 45.39’’ / E 20° 57’ 39.4’’



Location: Shar Mountains - Prevalle – Lumbardh River Stream

Altitude: 1900m/asl

Access to the point: Prizren - Brezovica Road from R-115 regional road 28km, Spring trail from Prevalla 1.5 hour

Description: This point of interests goes through the Lumbardh River Stream and is rich in vegetation like beech, blueberry, raspberries and other. The geographic position and configuration of the terrain is followed by the freshness that comes from the water. If one is lucky, it will have a chance to see the brown bear who has chosen as natural habitat the north side of the mountain “Guri i Shkaperderdhur” 

GPS: N 42° 09’ 02.7’’ / E 20° 57’ 37.0’’ 



Location: Shar Mountain - Prevalle – Lumbardh Stream

Altitude: 1900m/asl

Access to the point: Prizren - Brezovica Road from R-115 regional road 28km, Spring trail from Prevalla 2h.

Description: This point of interest lays on the main enclosure of Lumbardh River and it is surrounded by the mountain peaks like Bistra, Guzhbaba and Konjushka. The surroundings of this point are rich in pastures which remain green and fresh until the autumn as a result of many water sources in their proximity. From here, one can climb to the peak of Bistra 2 hours, Konjushka 1,5 hours and Guzhbaba 1,5 hours. The area has a presence of wild goats, brown bear and endemic flora.

GPS: N 42° 08’ 32.0’’ / E 20° 57’ 45.3’’


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