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Points of interest
Trail No.5 The Wild Goat Trail - KS


Location: Shar Mountain

Altitude: Dragash region 1383 m/asl

Access to the place: Regional Road Prizren Dragash R-113 37 km, Road Dragash Brod R-114 12km

Description: This point of interest is located in the southern part of Kosovo, inhabited by the Goran community and has a rich Gorane culture and is characterized by the rich folklore tradition. In the village the visitors can taste the traditional food and get traditional accommodation. The cheese is one of the most popular products produced by the farmers of this area, proven by the highest quality of the contents. From this village the visitors can reach several mountain trails such as the cross-border Cule Pass, and Radika Pass. Also 3.5 km in south of the village there is “Argjena Tourist Resort Center” a complex with ski lift and hotel. From Brod one can go hiking on several peaks such as: Trepeznica, Rudoka, Celepino, Vraca and Tito.

GPS: N 41° 50’ 28.1’’ / E 20° 42’ 19.49’’



Location: Shar Мountain ridge 

Altitude: 2414 m/asl

Access to the place: Wild goat trail, Brod village 3.5 hours, Radesha Village 4 hours

Description: Klecka's peak is another point of interest for tourists. It is located in a panoramic position from where the visitors can see parts of the valleys of Lechnices, Tito’s Peak (2747 m - highest peak of Shar Mountain), Middle Stone etc.

In the northern tip of the peak there is a water source at a height of 2257m.

GPS: N 42° 01’ 39.1’’ / E 20° 44’ 57.7’’



Location: Shar Mountain

Altitude: 2180 m/asl

Access to the place: Hiking

Description: Tourist attraction situated within the borders of Macedonia, surrounded by the peaks of Karanikola, Skarpa, Sheremetica, in the language of the local inhabitants the lake is called "Gjol i madh" (Big Lake)

During the summer season, the lake is also used as a refreshment destination.

Lake characteristics:

  • Altitude 2180 m
  • Dimensions 290 m x 115 m
  • Coast line 675 m
  • Depth 5,6 m

GPS: N 42° 04’ 27.3’’ / E 20° 47’ 31.6’’


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