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Points of interest
Trail No.4 The Roe Deer Trail - KS


Location: Shar Mountain - Village Gornjo Sello

Altitude: Village Gornjo Sello - 993m/asl

Access to the place: Regional Road Prizren - Brezovica R-115,  to Prizren 17km, to  Prevalla 400m from road.

Description: This point of interest is located along the regional road Prizren-Brezovice R-115, in the Zupa Valley, inhabited by the Bosnian community. A parking lot is available at this point, and also information about the trail. The restaurant is well known for quality services and traditional food. This point of interest is also a reference point for orientation to access the beautiful trail of this forest belt.

GPS: N 42° 10’ 37.4’’ / E 20° 54’ 44.0’’



Location: Shar Mountains - Gornjo sello village

Altitude: Gornjo sello village - 1357 m/asl

Access: Starting point of Deer path is 1.5 hours from regional road Prizren - Brezovica R-115 and from Prevalla  2 hours.

Description: This point of tourist interest is found as an oasis in the middle of the woods above the village of Gornje Selo. Meadows provide excellent panoramic views of Oshlak Mountain to the north and the Zupa Valley. It is characterized by the presence of deer and other wild animals. After a one-hour walk in the direction of Prevalla, from this point, one can reach the trail in Gornje Lubinje, Black Peak 2582 m/asl, and a large number of streams and water springs.

GPS: N 42° 10’ 01.6’’ / E 20° 56’ 10.4’’


Location: Shar Mountains - Prevalla 

Altitude: Prevalla 1515 m/asl

Access to the place: Regional Road Prizren - Brezovica R-115, from Prizren 28km, Deer Path 3 hours from starting point.

Description: This is a significant point of tourist interest on Shar Mountains. Prevalla is a significantly visited and frequented site throughout the year. It is known for rich flora and fauna characterized by microclimate and very favorable conditions for mountain tourism. This point represents a crossroads of some marked and unmarked mountain trails, like Bistra peak 2651 m/asl 4.5 hours, Konjushka 2571 m/asl 4 hours, Oshlaku 2212 m/asl 3.5 hours. The point is also known as a fascinating place for ski touring and other activities in winter sports. In Prevalla you can be accommodated and fed in many hotels. There is also a regular bus line twice a day (for more accurate schedules contact the tourist information office in Prizren or any local).

GPS: N 42° 10’ 26.0’’ / E 20° 57’ 43.7’


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