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Points of interest
Trail No.3 The bear trail - KS


Location: Shar Mountains

Altitude: Village Manastirica 1011 m/asl

Access to the place: Prizren - Brezovica road R-115, Prizren 16 km

Description: This point of interest is located in the central part of Sharr Mountain by Kosovo, within the municipality of Prizren. The village lies in Zhupa Valley, the inhabitants belong to Bosniak nationality and have a rich culture that is an important part of the regional values.

There are small shops in village from where one can buy groceries, but currently there are no facilities that provide food or accommodation. Every 2 hours there is a bus that takes you from the village to Prizren, and vice-versa.  The village is known for its beautiful nature and scenic view.  There are unmarked trails in the Village that send you to the Old Trade Path site.

GPS: N 42° 08’ 02.8’’ / E 20° 48’ 25.5’’



Location: Shar Mountain

Altitude: Manastirica - Donja Lubinje 1011 m/asl

Access to the place: Village Manastirica 16 km from Prizren, Manastirica 2 hours, Donja Lubinje 2 hours.

Description: This tourist attraction point is located in a panoramic and lush position for the two villages of Lubinje and Manastirice. The location is known by the name of the anti-fascist hero Meto Bajraktari who is believed to have been murdered and buried here. The ground is a meadow and is used as a picnic spot for the villages around. There is also a water spring that is used for drinking.

GPS: N 42° 06’ 51.4’’ / E 20° 50’ 10.7’’



Location: Shar Mountain

Altitude: Donja Lubinje 911m/asl

Accessto the point: Prizren from regional road R-115 is 16 km, 

Description: The village is known for its plantations of blueberries and shrubs. In the village you can find services in the small premises located in the center of the village from where you can also find minibuses that take you to Prizren. 1,5 hours walk from the village is a guesthouse B&B which provides food and accommodation for visitors. 

GPS: N 42° 08’ 00.3’’ / E 20° 51’ 29.8’’



Location: Shar Mountains

Altitude: Gornja Lubinje village (Brod picnic area) 1100m/asl

Access to the place: Prizren- Gornja Lubinje from R-115 regional road 15km, marked path Gornja Lubinje - Kobilca pass 1 hour hiking, non-marked path Donja Lubinje – Brod picnic area 1.5 hour

Description: It is a tourist attraction that is located in a beautiful and picturesque position surrounded by beech forests and streams of rivers, waterfalls, with rich flora and fauna. This location also has 2 swimming pools of Trofta Fish and is also rich in raspberry plantations. Cross-border crossing Kobilica Pass 4h, about 2 hours on the same path, you can reach the mountain lodge ZITADELLE 1738 m / asl, managed by Skarppa - Prizren Mountaineering Club.

The B&B's guesthouse offers accommodation and food services.

GPS: N 42° 07’ 44.3’’ / E 20° 52’ 11.0’’


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