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Points of interest
Trail No.1 The big pine trail - KS


Location: Oshlak rigde

Altitude: 2212 m/asl

Access to the point: Hiking from starting point of the trail

Description: From asphalted road you need to hike for 6 km around 3 hours to reach this panoramic view and climb 820m alt.

The point is famous for a spectacular view of central massif of Shar Mountains to the south and from the northwest side, reveal astonishing beauties of the massif of Kogjaballkan peak, which is also known as Bivoli. 

GPS: N 42° 11’ 48.3’’ / E 20° 53’ 30.3’’



Location: Oshlak path, near Virovi 

Altitude: 1930 m/asl

Access to the point: Hiking Oshlak path, starting from the asphalted road Prizren-Prevalla R115 

Description:  This place is named half panoramic because its position enables unlimited view. In difference from the previous point, from here, one is able to see the Virovi Plato and the protected zone “Great Pine” which is known for its thick fine forest. In summer season the view is accompanied with the flock of sheep which pastures close to the Virovi zone and close to a water source.

GPS: N 42° 12’ 08.6’’ / E 20° 51’ 59.2’’



Location: KoxhaBallkan Mountain, above the Village Novosello/Plananje/Skorobisht

Altitude: 1535 m/asl

Access to the point: The Hut has access to Makadame path through Novosello and Skorobishti which are accessible only with 4x4 vehicle. From Plananje can be reached only to the huts at the peak of Bulec, and then the unmarked trails need to be followed up to the hut. There are few marked trails from the village of Novoselle. Access from the Oshlak can be through marked trails inside the forest of the “Great Pine” zone. 

Description:  Initially, this hut was built for the forestry agency, while in years 2017 - 2018 was renovated and made enabled for use as mountain hut. The hut can be used for accommodation and food. It is managed by the Mountaineering Association “Haxhi Beda” - Prizren.  

GPS:  N 42° 12’ 41.3’’ / E 20° 50’ 03.1’’



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