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Points of interest
Trail No.11 The old trade trail - KS


Location: Prizren 

Altitude: 518 m/asl

Access to the point: Paved road leading to the fortress

Description: From Arasta Bridge you have to follow post signs and road to the fortress which is 10 min walking, approximately 100 m distance. The Prizren fortress is known for its old ancient history and for its geostrategic situation and its position above, as the guard of the city. The west side is known for a beautiful sunset view which is combined with the flow of Lumbardh River towards the direction of Pashtrik Mountain. On the southeastern side one can enjoy marvelous view of Lumbardh gorge and in the background there is a nice view of Shar Mountain.

GPS: N 42° 12’ 33.5’’ / E 20° 44’ 44.4’’



Location: Prizren

Altitude: 805 m/asl

Access to the point: Hiking through the old trade path, starting from the city center of Prizren 1 hour

Description: Pasha Qeshme is a water source, that later is turned into a fountain, that is known now for centuries. It has always served as a place of refreshment for many travelers. It is frequently visited by people of Prizren for recreational purposes.  The path from the Prizren fortress is enriched with the chestnut and hazelnut trees, while on the backside of the fountain there are a lot of pine trees.  

GPS: N 42° 11’ 27.2’’ / E 20° 44’ 23.0’’



Location: Shar Mountains, above the Village Jabllanica

Altitude: 1170 m/asl

Access to the point: The panoramic point of village Jabllanica can be accessed from the Old trade path, which is 2 hours walk from Prizren or from the asphalt road Prizren – Zaplluxhe. 

Description:  This point of interest is at the crossroad to the region of Opoja and Macadam path, through which passes also the old trade path. It is characteristic with a wide view through, from which you can see Zhupa valley, Oshlaku Ridge and a part of the central massif of Shar Mountains. On the other side, there is a village of Zaplluxhe, known for the cultivation of raspberries. Following Zaplluxhe it is a beech forest Kitka 1400 m/asl.

GPS: N 42° 09’ 56.7’’ / E 20° 45’ 35.9’’



Location: Shar Mountain, above the Village of Struzhe 

Altitude to the point: 1285 m/asl

Access: The hut can be reached through the Macadam path, 3 hours of walk from Prizren or 16 km of drive from regional asphalt road Prizren - Lokvice – Struzhe and following that through Macadam to the Mountain Hut. 

Description: The Mountain Hut is owned and managed by the Mountaineering association Sharri from Prizren and can provide food and accommodation for up to 80 persons. The Mountain Hut exists since 1951 and since then it is managed by the Association Sharri. 

GPS: N 40° 09’ 6’’ / E 20° 46’ 50.1’’


GURI I ZI (Black Rock)

Location: Shar Mountains above Zaplluxhe village

Altitude: 1590 m/asl

Access to the point: This point can be accessed through а marked path, Old trade path, or from the Macadam path which passes through Zaplluxhe village. The duration of the walk from the starting point is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Description: This point of interest marks the end of the forest belt which is also a crossroad of Opoja zone and the villages of Zaplluxhe, Sturzhe, and Manastirice. The paths connecting these villages can be easily seen, but they are unmarked. This location includes a guesthouse Meliti that provides accommodation and traditional food. Apart from the guesthouse, in the vicinity, there is also an old military facility from the times of Yugoslavia which among peoples is known as Karaulla. From this point, one can see the Skarpa peak which is marked and also can see Karanikolla and Vrtop.

GPS: N 42° 07’ 21.0’’ / 20° 47’ 22.2’’



Location: Shar Mountain / village Veshalle

Altitude: 1590 m/asl

Access to the point: From the Kosovo side it can be accessed through a marked Old trade path and villages of Zaplluxhe and Manastirice. From the Macedonian side can be reached through Old trade path or villages of Veshalle and Bozovce. 

Description: This point of interest is also a border crossing point, where you can cross the border, and it is known also as a Green pass. It provides panoramic view of south massif of Shar Mountain and Leshnica valley. If the weather is clear, one can easily view the Kulla in TITO peak 2747m which is also the highest point of Shar Mountains. Also, here is the crossing point of mountain paths to the Korfi peak 2555m and “Liqeni i madh” (Karanikolla Lake). These two paths have partial horizontal marking.

GPS: N 42° 08’ 43.93’’ / E 21° 05’’ 55.47’’ 



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