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Trail No.9 South Trail - NMK


Location: Shar Mountain, Lake “Bogovinjsko Ezero”

Altitude: 1936 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from Popova Shapka and Village of Novo Selo. 

Description: The Lake “Bogovinjsko Ezero” is the largest glacier lake on Shar Mountain (out of 27 lakes). The lake lies between the peaks Borislavec and Mala Smreka. The lake is 245 meters in length and 210 meters wide. The largest measured depth is 2.2 m and it is situated on a rocky area with a very elongated shape, with a large difference in the width which makes the lake different from the other lakes on Shar Mountain.

GPS: N 41° 57’ 01.90’’ / E 20° 47’ 45.23’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Lake “Crno Ezero”

Altitude: 2180 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked trail from the Village of Gjurgjevishte.

Description: The Lake “Crno Ezero” is a glacial lake and is one of the most beautiful lakes on Shar Mountain. According to size, the lake ranks as second in a total of 27 mountain lakes. The lake lies on a rocky area and covers an area of 33,520 m2, with a length of 248m and a width of 185m. The depth has not been measured, but it is assumed to be around 11 meters. The lake water is clear with dark blue color, but because of the rocky bottom from the distance it has a darker color (black), which is why it is also called the Crno Ezero (Black Lake).

GPS: N 42° 55’ 32.59’’ / E 20° 47’ 37.11’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Rudoka

Altitude: 2658 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked trail from the Village of Gjurgjevishte. 

Description: Rudoka is a mountain peak of the mountain massif and a plateau with the same name as part of Shar Mountain. The borderline between Macedonia and Kosovo passes through it, which is why it is the highest point and the highest peak in Kosovo, 2600 meters.

GPS: N 41° 55’ 07.70’’ / E 20° 46’ 34.02’’



Location: Shar Mountain, southern segment

Altitude: 1350 m.a.s.l.

Access: From the villages Jelovjane, Novo Selo, Negotino, Pozharane and Jelovce. 

Description: The Channel "Sharski Vode" is an engineering work done at the end of the 1950s. The purpose of the Channel is to cover all rivers on the Shar Mountain, from Popova Shapka to the South and accumulate the water in the Mavrovo Lake. The Channel still has the same function today. On each river, which the channel cuts, water reservoirs are built that redirect the water towards Mavrovo. On the southernmost part there are two large siphons (Jelovce and Duf) and from there the water ends in the lake. In addition to the channel, an unpaved road has been built, which continuously follows the channel and is 90 km long. This road is used for off road adventures with off-road vehicles and for mountain bike tours.

GPS: (we do not specify it because the channel is 90 km in length and one positioning point can’t be determined)



Location: Shar Mountain, Golema Vraca Peak

Altitude: 2589 m.a.s.l. 

Access: Marked trail from the Water reservoir Mzdraca, Sharski Vode. 

Description:  Golema Vraca is a mountain peak on the Shar Mountain with a height of 2.589 meters. It is located on the southern part of its main ridge on which the Macedonian-Kosovo border passes.

GPS: N 41° 53’ 46.61’’ / E 20° 45’ 05.89’’



Location: Shar Mountain, the Valley between Mala and Golema Vraca

Altitude: 1980 – 2200 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from the Water reservoir on the channel Sharski Vodi.

Description: Gornovracansko and Dolnovracansko Ezero consists of two lakes, which are part of a total of 27 glacial lakes on Shar Mountain.

Lake “Gornovacansko Ezero” is situated on the border between the peaks Golema and Mala Vraca, right at the foothill of the steep northern slope of Mala Vraca. Located at a height of 2182 m.a.s.l., the lake is round and the bottom is rocky with a diameter of 40m. Although the lake is not large, its depth reaches about 2 meters.

The Lake “Dolnovrachansko Ezero” is located at an altitude of 1980 m  just below the peak Mala Vraca. The lake is round, with a rocky bottom with a diameter of 25 meters and a depth of one meter.

GPS: N 41° 53’ 33.45’’ / E 20° 44’ 28.68’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Bugarski Kolibi

Altitude: 2200 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked trail from the Village of Pozharane.

Description: Not a very high peak but with an attractive view of the peaks Mala and Golema Vraca and the canyon of the Mzdraca River.

GPS: N 41° 51’ 32.23’’ / E 20° 45’ 57.85’’


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