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Points of interest
Trail No.7 The pine Trail - NMK


Location: Shar Mountain, Northern part of Municipality of Tetovo 

Altitude: 1030 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo to the village.

Description: The Village of Brodec is 18.2 km from the center of Tetovo. The village is located in the central part of Shar Mountain, overlooking the northern slopes of the Shar Mountain. Strolling through the village you will find old traditional houses covered with stone slabs. Most of the locals of this village own and breed sheep and lambs and here you can find the most delicious Shar Mountain cheese.

GPS: N 42° 03’ 32.93’’ / E 20° 53’ 22.63’’



Location:  Shar Mountain, Mal Jelak, Studena Reka River Valley 

Altitude: 1480 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from the Village of Brodec. 

Description: Mal Jelak gets its name after Jelak, the place where the mountain hut is located, 400 meters above this place. This cirque on the northern slopes of Ceripashina on the right side of the river Studena Reka is called Jelak, because of the fir trees. This place is characterized by a wide meadow located in the heart of the forest. Here the river Studena Reka passes, on which a water collection system has been built.

GPS: N 42° 02’ 11.58’’ / E 20° 52’ 14.58’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Jelak

Altitude: 1850 m.a.s.l. 

Access: Mountaineering trail from Popova Shapka/ wide unpaved road for terrain vehicles. 

Description: A well-known picnic area just 45 minutes walk away from Popova Shapka. A wide meadow surrounded by fir trees characterizes this place. The Mountaineering Hut "Jelak" built in 1952, reconstructed in 2018 is a place where every visitor can stay and enjoy the beautiful view towards Kobilica.

GPS: N 42° 01’ 39.22’’ / E 20° 51’ 52.98’’


Location: Northwestern segment of Macedonia

Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo which passes through the villages on Shar Mountain.

Description:  Popova Shapka is the most famous sports and recreation center in Macedonia, 18 km from the city of Tetovo. The snow season lasts from October to March, with many sunny days. The ski center has trails with the length of 35 km, three homogenized trails according to the standards of FIS, 9 ski lifts and 2 two-seats. Ski trails are suitable for many ski disciplines, especially for recreational skiing. Nearby there are weekend settlements and hotel accommodation facilities, as well as mountain huts.

GPS: 42° 00’ 52.61’’ / E 20° 52’ 52.49’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Kobilica

Altitude: 2528 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked mountaineering trail from the village of Brodec or the village of Vejce to the peak.  

Description: Peak Kobilica is the most magnificent peak that can be seen from the city of Tetovo. With the shape of a pyramid, it stands out from the whole massif of Shar Mountain. A challenge for all mountaineers, the peak offers a wonderful view of the two largest cities under the Shara - Tetovo and Prizren.

GPS: N 42° 05’ 44.12’’ / E 20° 53’ 03.13’’ 


Location: Shar Mountain, Dupnat Kamen 

Altitude: 1890 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from the village of Vejce and from Tetovo Fortress to the peak.  

Description: The trail that starts from the Tetovo Fortress, which leads to the peak Dupnat Kamen, passes through a forest at the beginning and eventually ends up with a rocky area, where the most dominant is a huge stone with a hole in it and thus comes the name "Dupnat Kamen" (Broken Stone). At that spot, there is a beautiful view towards the middle part of Shar Mountain with the peaks Crn Vrv, Kobilica, Vrtop and Karanikola.

GPS:  N 42° 04’ 23.51’’ / E 20° 56’ 43.57’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Titov Vrv

Altitude: 2.747 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from Popova Shapka.

Description:  Titov Vrv is the highest peak on Shar Mountain and the second highest peak in Macedonia. The peak is located in the middle part of the Shar Mountain massif. Below the peak on the south side there are the springs of the Slapska River and on the northern part the springs of the Pena River, Krivoshiska and Gornoleshnichka River. The peak is about 9 meters wide and on the peak in 1955 a tower was built that still exists. It represents a symbol of mountaineering in Macedonia.

GPS: N 41° 59’ 30.55’’ / E 20° 47’ 55.16’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Leshnica

Altitude: 1450 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from Popova Shapka/ wide unpaved road for terrain vehicles.

Description: Leshnica is one of the most picturesque spots on Shara. The valley is located in the middle part of the Shar Mountain, between the peaks Sreden Kamen and Plat. It is divided into Dolna Leshnica (1450m) and Gorna Leshnica (2221m). The landscape is characterized by the high rocks, grassy areas and dense green and beech forest, rich with endemic flora and fauna that can be found only in this place. Above the forest area of Leshnica there are several sheep farms and through the valley flows the Leshnichka River which is the right tributary to the river Pena.

GPS: N 42° 01’ 29.83’’ / E 20° 47’ 18.52’’


Location: Shar Mountain, Lake “Bogovinjsko Ezero”

Altitude: 1936 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from Popova Shapka and Village of Novo Selo. 

Description: The Lake “Bogovinjsko Ezero” is the largest glacier lake on Shar Mountain (out of 27 lakes). The lake lies between the peaks Borislavec and Mala Smreka. The lake is 245 meters in length and 210 meters wide. The largest measured depth is 2.2 m and it is situated on a rocky area with a very elongated shape, with a large difference in the width and this makes the lake different from the other lakes on Shar Mountain.

GPS: N 41° 57’ 01.90’’ / E 20° 47’ 45.23’’



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