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Points of interest
Trail No.6 Trail to waterfalls - NMK


Location: Shar Mountain, Northern part of Municipality of Tetovo 

Altitude: 1030 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo to the village.

Description: The village of Brodec is 18.2 km away from the center of Tetovo. The village is located in the central part of Shar Mountain, overlooking the northern slopes of the Shar Mountain. Strolling through the village you will find old traditional houses covered with stone slabs. Most of the locals of this village own and breed sheep and lambs and here you can find the most delicious Shar Mountain cheese.

GPS: N 42° 03’ 32.93’’ / E 20° 53’ 22.63’’



Location: 13,1 km from Tetovo

Altitude: 1130 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo to the village.

Description: The village is located on the Shar Mountain under the peak Kobilica and overlooks the northern slopes and the Dupnat Kamen locality. The village has great conditions for growing potatoes, oats, barley, lawns, raspberries, blackberries and for development of sheep breeding. Regarding the natural beauty we can see the beautiful scenery of the rivers flowing allong the village (Dojranska and Kupinica), which at the beginning of the village form the Vejachka River near the bridge. Vejce is one of the few active mountain villages in Macedonia. In the village, tradition and values ​​are still nourished. The village is famous for the mountain potatoes, sheep cheese and honey production. In the village there is a family that manually produces traditional musical instruments "Chifeleli".

GPS:  N 42° 04’ 56.93’’ / E 20° 55’ 35.97’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Dojranska River

Altitude: 1760 m.a.s.l.

Access: Mountaineering trail from the Village of Vejce to the waterfalls. 

Description: A masterpiece of nature that is only a two hour walk away from the Village of Vejce. Diluted rocks for centuries, created by not so large jets of water that spring from below the peak Crn Vrv. The height of the waterfalls is not expertly measured, but reaches a height of approximately 11 meters.

GPS: N 42° 06’ 29.15’’ / E 20° 55’ 18.03’’


Location: Shar Mountain, Crn Vrv Peak 

Altitude: 2585 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked mountaineering trail from the Village of Vejce to the peak.  

Description: A distinctive peak that separates the Shar Mountain from the northeastern to the central segment. A peak that is attractive for climbing in both sides, from the Macedonian and from the side of Kosovo. At the foothill of the peak, at an altitude of 2200 meters there are two springs of the two rivers Bistrica, to the south-east of the river Tearechka Bistrica and to the west of the Prizrenska Bistrica.

GPS: N 42° 04’ 23.51’’ / E 20° 55’ 12.76’’ 



Location: Shar Mountain, Kobilica

Altitude: 2528 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked mountaineering trail from the Village of Brodec or the Village of Vejce to the peak.  

Description: Peak Kobilica is the most magnificent peak that can be seen from the city of Tetovo. With the shape of a pyramid, it stands out from the whole massif of Shar Mountain. A challenge for all mountaineers, the peak offers a wonderful view of the two largest cities under the Shar Mountain - Tetovo and Prizren.

GPS: N 42° 05’ 44.12’’ / E 20° 53’ 03.13’’ 



Location: Village Vejce, Kobilica

Altitude: 1685 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo to the village and wide unpaved road from the village to the hut..

Description: A new mountain facility, built in 2018, owned by the Dzemaili family from the village of Vejce. This mountaineering hut is located under the peak Kobilica, and thus comes its name. With a capacity of 12 beds, toilets, kitchen and a dining room, the hut is expected to be fully operational from September 2019. To the hut we arrive with a terrain vehicle on an unpaved road from the village of Vejce or by a hiking trail. The distance is only 5 km from the village or 2 hours of walking.

GPS: N 42° 05’ 23.63’’ / E 20° 54’ 21.01’’



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