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Points of interest
Trail No.3 The tower Trail - NMK


Location: 17 km from Tetovo 

Altitude: 970 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo to the village.  

Description: One of the few villages on Shar Mountain, which deserves to be developed as a tourist village in which the tradition will be nurtured. At an ideal altitude of about 1000 meters, the village is the starting point for numerous mountain hiking tours to the northeastern section of the mountain along the river Tearechka Bistrica. In the village there are no residents, it is a weekend getaway village, but many old houses built in a traditional style are still preserved and could be rebuilt and opened for visitors as accommodation facilities.

GPS:  N 42° 05’ 12.10’’ / E 21° 02’ 08.99’’



Location: Shar Mountain, Village of Brezno

Altitude: 1050 m.a.s.l.

Access: Unpaved road from Village of Brezno.

Description: Only 20 minutes faway rom the north end of the Village of Brezno is the lake “Brezjansko Ezero”. The lake is an artificial accumulation, made by the locals in the 1950s. The lake served to accumulate water for irrigation, and it also became popular as a place for picnic not only for the locals, but also for visitors from other places.

GPS: N 42° 05’ 30.28’’ / E 21° 02’ 08.99’’



Location: Village of Brezno / Village of Varvara

Altitude: 1939 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked mountaineering trail from the Village of Varvara or from “Tri Vode” to the peak Brezjanski Kule. 

Description: To the peak Brezjanski Kule we go along a pasture area from the village of Varvara or through the beautiful forest areas on the side of the “Tri Vode”. The trail ends with a short climb to 1949 m.a.s.l. From this, not so high, peak there is a beautiful view of the valley of the Leshochka River and the Polog Valley on one side, and on the other side the middle course of the river Bistrica with the Chaushica ridge, and the peaks Ezerski Vrv and Dobroski Vrv.

GPS: N 42° 06’ 00.14’’ / E 20° 59’ 41.12’’



Location: Village of Brezno

Altitude: 1340 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo to the village of Brezno and unpaved road or marked mountaineering trail from the village of Brezno to the locality “Tri Vode”.

Description: “Tri Vode”, located about 7 km from the village of Brezno, is a picnic area, where until 2001 there was a mountain hut. Although the hut is no longer in use, the area is still attractive to visitors with its dense pine and mixed forest, as well as the view of the surrounding peaks, among which the most distinctive one is the peak Ezerski Vrv. There are currently several private weekend cottages located here. The place is suitable for camping.

GPS: N 42° 06’ 33.05’’ E 21° 00’ 07.46’’



Location: Shar Mountain, “Tri Vode”

Altitude: 1222 m.a.s.l.

Access: Marked trail from “Tri Vode”.

Description: A picnic point, which in the past was untouched nature, and today, unfortunately, due to the construction of small hydropower plants, this place has been destroyed and the tranquility it had in the past is lost. Today there is an unpaved road to this place. Still, it is an interesting place to visit, where the two largest rivers in this part of the Shara, the Tearechka Bistrica and the Chaushichka River are merged into one.

GPS: N 42° 06’’ 47.75’’ / E 21° 00’ 00.15’’



Location: Village of Leshok

Altitude: 638 m.a.s.l.

Access: Asphalt road from Tetovo to Village of Leshok. 

Description: The Monastery of Leshok is located 8 km from Tetovo, and within the monastery there are two churches - St. Atanasij and St. Bogorodica. The Church St. Bogorodica was built in 1326 and it is a wonderful example of the Byzantine architecture and the church St. Atanasij was built in 1924. In the yard of the monastery there is the tomb of one of the founders of the Macedonian literature - Kiril Pejcinovic.

GPS: N 42° 03’ 59.62’’ / E 21° 01’ 37.68’’



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